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"Tony Blair's Arrogance and Hypocritical Attitude Sickens Victims Families"
These are the words used by the spokesperson of Rathfriland based Victims Support Group, South Down Action for Healing Wounds following last weeks announcement by the Prime Minister of the Government's proposal to allow "on the run terrorists" back onto our streets again.
The spokesperson said, "Tony Blair's arrogance and hypocritical attitude sickens victims and their families. Here we hear of the Prime Minister's willingness to allow on run terrorists back onto the streets of Northern Ireland, whilst he wants a 90 day detention for terror suspects on the mainland."
The spokesperson went onto say, "The current Government's attitude to Northern Ireland is nothing other than an appeasement strategy to Sinn Fein. As the old saying goes, the dogs on the street know that Sinn Fein is inextricably linked to the IRA. For years the IRA have torn Northern Ireland apart and still Blair is happy enough to sacrifice Ulster people."
They continued, "Recently we heard the Secretary of State stating that the terrorist perpetrators of unsolved murders will never be charged, yet the Government are prepared to consider questioning and possibly charging Police Officers and Security Personnel for their actions whilst trying to combat terrorism."
In closing the spokesperson said, "SDAHW will continue to lobby both local politicians and Her Majesty's Government on behalf of all the families who have suffered at the hands of terrorists to ensure that justice is done."

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