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  • To improve the quality of life for victims and their families. The major priority will be to provide help and advice regarding employment, education and training.
  • To provide a multi-purpose drop-in centre, containing a wide range of facilities to help the self-development of families affected by terrorist violence.
  • To carry out research to identify the actual needs of families affected by terrorist violence in the area.
  • To carry out research and publish reports for the benefit of the Group and the community in general.
  • To set up a pool of voluntary workers consisting of people prepared to work within the SDAHW framework
  • To form a Management Committee of committed people representative of victims, their families and individuals from varied backgrounds, ensuring that a range of relevant skills and experiences is harnessed.
  • To help in any way possible with the healing process necessary for victims and their families, and to build alliances with other similar groups and projects.